1. Rich people should pay more taxes.
2. Poverty needs to be tackled in a more coordinated and efficient manner.
3. Jordan needs alternative energy resources.

This, in short is what HM King Abdullah called for in his recent letter to the Prime Minister.

A good blog post is to be found on Khalf’s blog:

Whats up in Jordan?: The King’s message:
The Jordanian economy has been doing well on a macro level for the past few years. However, most people realize now that macro level success is of little importance if the distribution of wealth is not equitable. Nahid Hattar believes that the letter indicates an important shift in the policy of the king. He calls it a “total reevaluation of economic and social policy” and “an end to liberal economic policies”. I wouldn’t go that far, but we need to wait and see how this letter is translated by the PM.

In response to this post, one commenter had this to say:

This is the process…

1- King writes letter…
2- PM recieves letter…
3- PM set up a committee to investigate…
4- Committee studies various economic policies for several months and comes up with a great report. Two possibilities can happen at this point:
a) based on the findings bills are created and parliament shoots them down.
or b) the report is shelved

5- PM writes a letter back to the King…
6- Restart

(if they used email this process would be faster)

It would be a shame if the government doesn’t act swiftly on these points. Things in Jordan need to move towards a more equitable situation, sooner rather than later.

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