Now that would be cool! I would like to see the look on the face of one of those middle aged men in suits being fined JD 1000 or being led to prison (preferably by a Jordanian police woman) for smoking at the baggage belt of the Queen Alia Airport.

I am sure I will not be the only one happy if the heavy fines proposed in the new public health law are enforced. Natasha, for example, has taken the matter into her own hands:

As soon as I arrived at Queen Alia Airport, I got into my usual ritual: Jumping into intense arguments with those that smoke and exhale right in front of my face while awaiting luggage to show up. This time, though, the argument was more heated than usual, as one man accused me of being “too American” and trying to impose rules on him similar to those he just ran away from. He said he was someone who couldn’t wait to come back to Jordan so he can break rules and be happy. Makes sense!

One quick question: Is there any airport left in the world besides Queen Alia where people can still smoke freely and get away with it? I’m just wondering!

News about the new fines was the lead story of today’s Al-Ghad. Thumbs up!

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15 responses to “Smoke in a public area and get fined JD 1000”

  1. Jano Avatar

    i wish all the planet will stop smoking wherever whenever, HOWEVER 🙁 i had to fight with my colleagues about smoking cuz they used to smoke in my office and in the company’s cars when we go to check some sites.. so one day i had that fight, after that they became more carefull!

  2. Isam Bayazidi Avatar
    Isam Bayazidi

    like you, I read it this morning, but my reaction was “Ya.. right”
    I was thinking, who will push for it to be implemented ? fellow smokers from the police force ? those who as well smoke in “Public places” .. probably the only reason they would implement it is to have money raised from the fees (which explain the fee hike)..

    On the other note.. did anyone ever witness someone being fine (even with the old fee pricing) ? I am fine with 500 JDs as maximum, and 25 JDs as minimum.. but was it EVER implemented ? I highly doubt

  3. David Avatar

    Like you, Ahmad, I would love to see the look on someone’s face for receiving that kind of fine. The airport staff is going to have a fit, however.

  4. Jad madi Avatar
    Jad madi

    I’m a heavy smoker but I hope this proposed regulation will pass and strictly applied in Jordan.

  5. rami Avatar

    I think the government should take a 300% tax on cigarettes instead of raising oil prices, they will gain alot more this way, and it will definately reduce the number of smokers, especially among the youth.

    In a perfect world, the money should go to solving other environmental disasters in the country!

  6. Khalidah Avatar

    What really makes me upset about people smoking under the “No Smoking” sign is that they always have a smug on their faces and challenging anyone to say anything .. they are actually proud of beraking the law ..

    One has to wonder; if they do it with smoking … exactly how many other laws they are breaking and being prowd of it?

    The JD 1000 fine sounds great … I, for one would love to see that happen!

  7. kinzi Avatar

    when I read the title of your post, the airport image was the one that lept to the forefront of my mind. It is just so funny they smoke right UNDER the “No smoking” signs.

  8. Omar Barsawad Avatar
    Omar Barsawad

    Great and very encouraging to know that Jordan is doing some thing about smoking in public! I hope, it will go further and make smoking in all public places unlawful – including:

    – Offices and work places. – Court buildings. – Factories. – Hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. – Educational institutions. – Children’s homes, residential houses with a number of people living in. – Places of worship. – Prisons. – Police stations and cells. – Public shipping vessels. – All Airports, railway stations, airfields and other public transport terminals. – Markets, shopping malls and retail establishments. – Cinemas, theatres and halls of performance. – Sports stadia.

  9. Nas Avatar

    Do you want to know what’s ironic?

  10. moi Avatar

    Woohoo! This is great, now we can actually scare people in the airport by telling them there is a fine (the guy smoking will probably laugh in my face and tell me the manager of the airport is his cousin and I can’t do anything about it, puff puff). I really hope this is enforced.

  11. onzlo Avatar

    OK great, but once again, like littering and dangerous driving, the problem isnt with the penalty but with the implementation of the law. Im sure that if people only got fined 10 JD’s for smoking in those areas and it was properly enforced, it would would be just as effective as a 1000 JD fine.

  12. Mental mayhem Avatar
    Mental mayhem

    Smoking ban in Jordan: Will it ever take effect?

    Ahmad at 360 East drew my attention to some good news in Jordan. According to Alghad, [Arabic]fines for smoking in public will increase to a minimum of 100 JD ($140) and a maximum of 1000 JD ($1400) rather than the previous minimum of 25 JD ($35) and m…

  13. pheras Avatar

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys. But I really believe this is just wishful thinking. Everybody smokes here. Period.

  14. Phree Avatar

    I think they should worry about the younger generations smoking first. I mean, almost all smokers start during their teens, cuz they think it’s manly, cool or whatever. They should put something about it in the school books instead the present crap no one cares about.

  15. David Avatar

    They’ve tried things like this and they’ve failed. Remember when they tried to say it was illegal to smoke in cabs? It worked… for a month, until they stopped enforcing it. Once again, all these laws mean nothing without enforcement.