Vote for the best blog design on toot

The toot global HQ has been very busy the past few days. We recently added new bloggers to toot bringing up the number of blogs we track to 120. This makes toot even more interesting to read and follow on a daily basis. Remember: a toot a day, keeps the doctor away (or something like that).

And tonight we launch our toot blog design competition. Voting has opened, so please check out the blogs on toot, decide on who got the best look and feel and give him/her a vote.

The blog owners with the three highest votes will get valuable prizes (digital camera, iPod Nano and a $50 Amazon gift certificate).

The really bad news for me is that MY BLOG HAS BEEN EXCLUDED! Why? Why? Because of a stupid rule that says that toot employees cannot participate! This is the epitome of injustice. I object! :)

Other toot stuff is in store. Make sure you check out toot in the coming few days..




4 responses to “Let the best designed blog on toot win”

  1. Mustapha Avatar

    I wanted to vote for you, i swear! but i couldn’t find you on the list. As a designer, I appreciate good design when i see it, and 360east is obviously designed with care..

  2. Humeid Avatar

    Thanks Mustapha! I have to say that 360east looks messed up on Internet Explorer (I haven’t gotten round to fixing something with the code yet). So I hope you’re using a Mac or Firefox :)

    Keep up the good work on Beirut Spring :)

  3. Mustapha Avatar

    i’m using both mac and firefox :)

  4. Vas Avatar

    I saw yesterday the submitted lay-outs for voting. Some of them are awesome blogs. I am just happy for finding inspired young minds around.