The Financial Times ran an interesting story yesterday about Google’s foray into the Arab market. It’s an interesting read which shows that thing are moving in the Arab internet scene. I am happy to see AdblogArabia quoted in the article (I am a co-founder and contributer to that blog ;) . / Companies / IT – Google searches for new users:
Google’s foray into the Arabic world has received a mixed welcome from the online community. Some worry that the group’s technical and financial might could spell the demise of local internet companies that have only just begun to be profitable in the past three to four years. “I’m not sure if we should be congratulating ourselves or if we should be concerned about the impact of Google’s Arabic offensive on long-established Arab online businesses,” says media industry blogger Ad Blog Arabia.

Interestingly, the article says that the Arab world’s leading portals are Maktoob and Al-Bawaba, both Jordan-based companies. I have to add that both these companies are survivors from the first bubble. Both companies don’t seem afraid of Google.

The region’s two leading internet companies, both based in Amman, Jordan, are convinced that their local knowledge will enable them to hold their own.

From my point of view, the Arab internet industry should really shape up. Google’s presence in this market will surely have an impact. I hope we see more innovative internet startups come online in the coming months and years. From what I’ve been seeing at SYNTAX, entrepreneurial web efforts in the region are on the rise. We are currently helping several web startups establish their sites and brands.

Read the whole FT article here.

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  1. ya nunu Avatar
    ya nunu

    ya nunu ya habibi mabsoot inhom quoted you? ya teta il nas 3am bimooto fi lobnan wil iraq wo falasteen o inta mabsoot your achievement is a couple of drops of ink in a newspaper? how sad your ambitions are.

  2. ya nunu Avatar
    ya nunu

    when the day comes and Jordan gets fucked up like Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are, you will be at loss as to why people in Egypt are so concerned about ads then about your blood being spilled. You are the typical self-centered, selfish, “bourgeousie” (even though I dont like this word). All you care about is your pity profit and your pathetic business. Maybe with time you will learn that this approach to life doesn’t work, we are all on the same boat my friend.

  3. Humeid Avatar


    I would be very interested in what you are doing for Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    What are you doing on your side of the boat.

    And also tell us about your ambitions, so that I and the readers can learn from you.


  4. Nasimjo Avatar

    Nunu.. I guess a person interested in seeing the arab business and opinion in business heard and taken into consideration internationally is more valuable than than a person like you spending his or her time on seeing arab countries being (ducked.up) as you politely described it because of western business occupation on the arab world…. Keep watching al jazeera and blame people that people are being killed in palestine and lebanon

  5. manal y Avatar
    manal y

    hi humeid.. i dont know why did u even bothered yourself to reply to him…he is the one who is self centered and a very shallow person with no clear vision…there is not one sentence he said that you can give him credits for and say ok let me reply to him.