Faces for Lebanon

What was started by our friend Wael as a photo he took of himself in ‘silent protest’, has turned into a campaign that is taking on a life of its own.

Yesterday, in Kuwait, a campaign under the name Faces for Lebanon has started: A show of human solidarity with Lebanon, with aim of creating a global wave of people who are showing their faces to protest against the violence that the Lebanese people are being subjected to.

This is not a political campaign, as it aims to unite the voices of as many people as possible, on a global scale..

Photos can be uploaded from the site’s home page or by sending a photo attachment by email to myfacefaces4lebanonorg

Interested in spreading the campaign? Material is here.

Major Kuwaiti newspapers like Al Qabas and Assysasah have published the campaign’s ads already. A major media push will go in in the coming days in Kuwait and other countries.

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7 responses to “Faces For Lebanon: Kickstarting a global campaign of human solidarity”

  1. omar Avatar

    ooh! i’m in that one!

    go and check the website—So many people are abusing it! I mean, photoshop-added white blocks, http://faces4lebanon.org/faces/person/76

    and it’s becoming impossible to go to previous pages of browsing images.
    I think you shoud set a criteria, but I don’t know whether you’re involved or not.


  2. 7ala Avatar

    Amazing how small things can turn into very big ones and play important roles when they really come from heart ! Bravo Wael , its a very creative idea!

  3. 7ala Avatar

    Sorry Ahmad I forgot to say Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  4. riad Avatar

    we born to be free i think this is the time i wana come home i donnt be part of canada so killing ,distroying,let build let us have home so ca be proud to say we are lebanese

  5. moustafa Avatar

    i love lebanon , i love peopli in lebanon , i love all things in lebanon , plz ….lets make any thing to make lebanon the firstttttttttt.

  6. lebanese w bas Avatar
    lebanese w bas

    i love my country i just watched a movie of the abuse tht happend in lebanon 7ASSEH DAMMI 3AM YEGHLI 😉 i guess all u guys know what i mean! im so proud to be lebanese

  7. majoood Avatar

    i love syria & liban ,i glad to see u loving your country & i ask my God make u more healthy minded >