Miss Haya on a scooter
Today, in the youth section (PDF/Arabic) of Al-Rai newspaper, an article revealed the identity of the ‘scooter woman’ who has been whizzing around Amman with her red bike.

It turn out that it none other than Mrs Haya Karadsheh Qubain, the teacher at my son’s school!

The article is quite amusing and ecouraging. Apparently, Haya gets lot of smiles, greeting waves and curious question from both men and women about her scooter riding. She has acquired a driving license for motorbikes as early as 1982 and enjoys the freedom of movement her scooter gives her.

I forgot to mention one little detail. ‘Miss Haya’ is not just a teacher. She is a Tae Kwon Do trainer, and a holder of a 4 Dan Black belt! So you’d better be nice to her, ok? :)

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11 responses to “Identity of Amman’s ’scooter woman’ revealed”

  1. Nas Avatar

    loool its times like these that im reminded how small amman can be. i remember when there was that woman taxi driver who was the talk of the town. it was like no one had ever heard of a female taxi driver and they spoke about her like jordan had just enriched uranium or something.

    that being said…it is a cool scooter :-D

  2. Mental mayhem Avatar
    Mental mayhem

    Jordan and the scooter woman…

    I never thought I would live to see the day when Jordanian women would be zipping through the streets of Amman on scooters. Apparently I was mistaken, as women in Amman are indeed scooting about! I have to admit, I’m loving it. The woman in this pictu…

  3. A M A L Avatar
    A M A L

    you guys are cute. i can’t believe you’re blogging about this, but it’s cute. i don’t live in amman, so it’s nice to read about these daily issues that you won’t necessarily find on the news…

  4. Moey Avatar

    or she’d kick ur ass :P hahah

  5. Karadsheh Avatar

    OMG! I’m related to her loool

  6. Memo Avatar

    well, this is good step towards being one of the free communities who dont think in surface issues, i love to see everyone thinking in the same way, not being sarcastic here, but the way the government raises the petrol prices forced the people to think in an alternative way, also, you dont have to drive a mercedes 2005 because you are a manager somewhere
    Look at western people, i liked it when i say my faculty dean riding his cycle (old one), and paddling away ….

  7. haya qubain Karadsheh Avatar
    haya qubain Karadsheh

    am HAYA Qubain Karadsheh am the lady that drives this scooter.If i was allowed to drive a motercycle i would have done that .am from Salt Jordan i live in Amman Married to a dentest Salem Karadsheh with two lovely kids Tala is 18 and Bassel is 15 iam proud of waht iam doing and i have been riding since 1980 .it is an easy way to move and fun to ride a moterbike whats wrong with that ?????? Freedom and fast and Fun and it needs guts and i hope i could see other women doing that and what ever you want to do you can do who said women cant and can do .hey women do what ever you like .

  8. zander cage Avatar
    zander cage

    Female Riding Scooter? There’s NOTHING wrong with that!
    I been some some places in the world and woman drives scooter even BIG motorcycles! and nobody ask why she did.

    whats wrong here? ARAB mentality……..

    Why stay in a box while you can drive two wheels?

    That’s what we called FREEDOM!!

  9. Dora Avatar

    Isn’t the real issue safety?

    I hear driving in Amman is psycho-crazy… I wouldn’t feel safe in a scooter..

    Someone hits you and you’re dead.

  10. Heba Avatar

    LoL……………. I so Imagine peoples faces in Jordan when they saw a women driving a scooter. I think there is nothing wrong with that, women should do whatever they want when ever they want to. Freedom isn’t just for men.

    P.S way to go Haya. If I saw you, I would cheer for you!!

  11. Lina Avatar

    Ahmad, is there by chance you can hook me up with Mrs Haya Karadsheh Qubain? Or if it is possible to send me her contact phone number .. i am buying a new scooter and will ride it in Jordan. Need her tips on that … thanks for the great post …