Giant TVs (102 and 103 inches) where all the rage at GITEX 2006. Every major company (Panasonic, LG, Samsung) was trying to outdo the others.

Generally, this was the first time where I really experienced a lot of High Definition TV. Most of what I was where TV demos but they where totally amazing.

Flat screen TVs in Jordan seem to bee overpriced. And, to be honest, I still have not gotten my head around HDTV (and the HD Ready label for that matter). I also have got no clue about the competing HD DVD and Blueray technologies which are supposed to replace current DVD technology.

That’s why I picked up a copy of Wired Test from Dubai airport, which has ratings of all the latest gadgets. Let’s see if I actually can learn more about the future of TV. I actually hardly watch any TV anymore. So sometimes I ask my self: what’s the point?

I am glad to be back in Amman, by the way..







5 responses to “Giant TV’s and GITEX hype”

  1. Hussein Avatar

    Hamdella ál salameh..

    i’ve saw many HD tvs in different sizes, like 32” or 48” or bigger.. and they were 1032 pixel or 1200 for bigger ones.. so do you still remember the pixel width of these huge dudes?? its should be something above all expectations..

  2. mala2e6 Avatar

    good morning Ahmad

    what i am about to write has nothing to do with the subject u r discussing,it is about Ikbis, so forgive me for misplacing my comment

    first mabrook,great move..hope it is a success

    second: about monitoring what is uploaded

    you know that almost everyone now has a camera on their mobiles,videos and pictures can be taken without even asking the permission of u monitor the material on ur website ikbis before it is displayed? do u protect the privacy of others,and i dont mean the privacy ot those who upload and want to share with family and friends of course

    how about improper material? do u wait for a video or picture to be flaged to view and assess it?

    and how about copyrighted material,u know that 29,500 videos were deleted from youtube about Ikbis?

    always wishing you the best.

  3. mala2e6 Avatar

    since your comments are moderated this means you read them before approving or rejecting them,so i presume u read my comment but u didn’t answer my questions.

    i tried to find answers on the site of ikbis but all i got was قريباً!
    anyway hope u keep these point in mind.I really wanted to ask youtube before ikbis came to life but now since ikbis is a jordanian site and an arabic service i find myself obliged to be more concerned about the consequences of ill monitored material

    feel free to email me if u like

  4. Humeid Avatar

    hey mala2e6,

    You sure want a fast service here :) Considering 360east is free, give me some time to answer, will you :)

    You concerns about ikbis are shared by us. In our rush to go live, we didn’t have time to put up our terms and conditions. It will be done real soon.

    We monitor the site all the time. We don’t wait until something is flagged. We will not allow pornogarphy or extremely violent content.

    I am sure you understand how difficult it is to judge what is appropriate. People will have differing views. We will use our judgement and also depend on the community’s feedback.

    If we suspect that someone’s privacy is being violated we will remove the material. Again this is tricky. Documentary work can sometimes be seen as hurting people’s privacy. Again we will try to be reasonable about this and also respond to complaints.

    This whole field is new and we will learn as we go along.

  5. mala2e6 Avatar

    thanks Ahamd

    I know what you are talking about and i Agree that it is tricky coz what u se as ok others see as obscene..I once saw a flagged video for haifa..of course i had to sign in(youtube tab3an) and see was just a song..and someone commented”who is the jerk who flagged this”
    so flagging also need to be reviewed

    how about videos like:”beirut girl” was it posted with the girl’s consent? this is just what got me thinking,after viewing many videos on youtube,i got the impression that anyone can post anything with minimum limits.

    i am concerned Ahmad because i want ikbis to succeed without it being a shelter for perverts to post their stuff.

    w sorry if i was na2a2a..i tend to be impatient sometines..well ok..always

    you’ll be fine :)