Blogs, Wikipedia and uncontrolled media will destroy human cultural integrity. Where are the editors who check the facts? Where are the scientists who make sure our media is for for consumption? Where is the good-taste police?

“Blogs-as-the-end-of-civilization” was a main message behind a recent “Chip Talk” article in the Jordan Times last Friday.


How then should we explain a wonderfully cultural blog like Khobbeizeh?

I wake up in the morning and I find a 10 minute video clip of yesterday night’s Music Matbakh (link on MySpace.. GASP) on Kobbeizeh’s site. I stupidly missed the concert last night. But a blog not only allowed to read about the event and see pictures, but also get an audiovisual taste of what I missed.

Now that’s what I call cultural destruction!!

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16 responses to “Blogs are our destroying human culture (yeah right)..”

  1. kinzi Avatar

    Key reason…the article was written in the Jordan Times. A paper that thrives due to control of facts, control of ‘culture’, no competition; and I’m not sure their editors check facts themselves at times.

  2. Mariam Ayyash Avatar
    Mariam Ayyash

    bel3agel, shoo dakhal posting videos in un-validated information? agollak? shoo dakhal Music Matbakh (who the hell are those) in ammans culture? if u think this is a reflection of ammans culture, then yes, this is destruction, but on the other hand, not a lot of people make that mistake, this is western culture creeping into our lives, which i wouldnt have problem with had we creeped other good qualities with it, but we dont know how to import anything but the lousy stuff, lenno e7na nass mahzoomeen!

  3. Humeid Avatar


    Can you tell us what your “culture” is. Paint for us your picture of Jordanian/Arab/Muslim utopia.. You have appointed yourself as a “defender” of “our” culture. So tell us about your ideal world..

    Western and bad you say. And that word “creeping”.. I just love it.

    The bad western stuff “creeping” through holes to corrupt our purity.

    All those Arab musicians on the stage are “imported”? I just love that judgmental, all-knowing attitude.

    If you want to talk about “defeated people” please don’t include me. I am not defeated.

    I really had it with this defeatist, cynical and pessimistic attitude. I had it with the self appointed defenders of culture. I had it with empty anger. And I had it with this black-painting of everything.

  4. bambam Avatar

    mariam why the hell do u maintain a blog then ? and in english non the less. you are welcome to reply…
    as for his point is that blogs are providing a fresher more in touch with the community alternative to our news and media which beside all the things kinzi mentioned are turning into a piece of advertisement brochures.
    how much news is in the rai and jordan times compared to the past and compared to the quality of news. we gets scraps and the news paper and no matter what they say we are still better. wisdom of the crowd especially in the realm of journalism and media is much more efficient than the archaic systems that are beyond demolished.
    they are just dinosaurs fighting off their extinction.

  5. mohammad Avatar

    Ouch :) Thanx a lot Ahmad :) yalla khairha fe ghairha :) at least don’t miss Zade Dirani tomorrow, and Ozomatli @ Jerash after tomorrow. they should be great :)

  6. Mohanned Avatar

    Bloggers or to be more accurate, every citizen of the world can now be a “journalist”, so what do you expect from journalists to do when they face massive competition? And by the way the “usual” media arms are not that innocent too, as a matter of fact bloggers eventhough they represent their take on a specific subject are more balanced.

  7. Hareega Avatar

    It’s difficult to pass judgements on blogs, because bloggers truly have nothin in common between them other than having a blog.

    We can jugge how effective blogging is in passing a message or affecting a community (and in Jordan I believe this effect is nearly non-existent) , but other than that it’s not possible.

    If you look at the people who blog in Jordan or the rest of the world you can get my point.

  8. Hareega Avatar

    sorry for the typos

  9. Yugi Avatar

    “Where are the editors who check the facts?”
    The problem is that editors may check the facts, but most of the time they impose their opinions and perform censorship..
    It seems that Jordan Times (and many traditional media) have not understood until now that Internet is democracy! Well, few bloggers may not check the facts, but all can express their opinions freely, and that’s a good thing!!

  10. Sid Vicious Avatar
    Sid Vicious

    Humeid, you tell her man.

    Mariam Ayyash, please wake up.

  11. Mariam Ayyash Avatar
    Mariam Ayyash

    i didnt assign myself as a defender to any culture (put words in my mouth?), and bambam, “why do i maintain a blog in english” khodlak, did i not say that not all creepig culture is bad? i like keeping a blog in english, bass amoot ashoof wa7ad ma3oo masari ye3mal library in amman! my take was on how superficial ahmads comment was, he neglects the whole issue and takes a very small shred and what a lousy shred that is: music zift??? inno this is ammans culture that u think is “yea right”

    if u want to attack the fact that blogging is destroying the culture, at least find something better than stupid obvious imported culture, dont tell me that music is ammani culture, dont make me laugh balla!

    and no, we are NO GOOD at importing the good stuff! just MUSIC, and oh god how good are we at importing music, we are the BEST in music world wide… way to go

  12. Sid Vicious Avatar
    Sid Vicious

    You’re not making much sense to be honest but nevermind that. What I wanna know is this: what’s wrong with music ?

  13. Humeid Avatar

    Mariam.. here is a cultural tip. If your are looking for someone who has money and made a library (I am sure this fit you definition of culture) go to Darat Al Funun.

    I am also having some fun analyzing the language you’re using here, which contains words like..

    – Zift – Hell – Lousy – Mahzoomeen


    Where do you get all the anger/confidence from?

    Still waiting for your vision of utopia by the way..

  14. Atallah Avatar

    Everybody, set back, have a cup of tea (with mint) and lets start over.

    Humeid used Music Matbakh as an example of how blogs can be useful in ways that traditional media cannot. Whether we like Music Matbakh or any of their musical meals is a different story. It is a matter of taste so lets not crucify him. I personally think Nass El Ghiwane and Ahmed Fouad Najem still rock and would seek any blog that has a clip or a tidbit about either!

    Let’s not start mud slinging and accusations at the first disagreement. Now, where were we?

  15. Humeid Avatar


    That was a cool(headed) comment.


  16. Nadin O. Avatar
    Nadin O.

    WWWWOOOOOOOOOWWW…. some intellectual war has been going on here. Well, first I believe blogs are a great outlet for the expression of public opinion in Amman (especially Amman)! It is much greater truth that lies in the informal stories of people, than what is published in newspapers, or magazines, that rely on advertisement for sponsorship. And I always wander why we take the western example as the perfect model that we have to strive for? Take their evolution as a model, other cultures gradually formulated (and still are) through the experiments we are going through right now! So do not obstruct the course of change (any form of change), only the good survives. Beware of passiveness.

    As for blogs destroying culture, I think the fact that we are casually using language, is exactly how we destry culture. Think of the kids who will read this and start using words on blogs in their essays, whether in arabic or english.