After getting hit by the blog-spam, I decided to upgrade to WordPress 1.2 (for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, WordPress is the great software that powers this blog). So with some help from my friend Ammar (who is the one of the greatest PHP programmers and webheads in the known universe :) I backed up the database and installed the newer version of WP.
As for the new look you’re seeing here.. well, I got so sick from the default template that comes with WP that I decided to look for a new skin for the site. OK.. So I am Mr Design & Branding in this town ;) and still I can’t get myself to design my own WP template. So shoot me. As the Arabic saying goes: “The door of the carpenter is broken”.
I found this great template, called Kubrick (named after, you guessed it, Stanley) designed by the very talented Michael Heilemann. So for now I am using it as is. But I intend to modify it soon.
I hope the site looks ok on your screen. FOr some stupid caching reason, the CSS is not loading properly and so the site looks like hell on my machine. Basically a monsterous mix between the old a new looks!! Oh well..




5 responses to “Don’t be shocked! It’s still my blog!”

  1. Nader Shnoudi Avatar
    Nader Shnoudi

    Well. This is much better than the old on.
    I am a regular visitor of this Blog anyway.


  2. Isam Bayazidi Avatar
    Isam Bayazidi

    Well, I had problems viewing your site in several browsers including: Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.7, Opera 7.23, Konqouror (which means Safari in Mac OS may have problems as well). I think that the current theme can only be viewed properly in IE. Can you please check Browser compatability for the theme ?

  3. Ahmad Humeid Avatar
    Ahmad Humeid

    Tested across many browsers. THe site looks fine on all of them (tested on both Macs and PCs). The old css file cached somewhere just refused to go away. Then after browsing the site from a PC at the office it worked!

  4. Ameen Malhas Avatar
    Ameen Malhas

    I won’t comment on cross-browser compatability issues. I just wanna say I love the new design, and thanks Ahmad for a great blog, I try to catch you here and in the Jordan Times…

    “Two thumbs WAY up!” – Ameen Malhas (2004)

    And sorry about Arizona, I tried too…

  5. Humeid Avatar

    Thanks Ameen! Always great to hear from you. I am starting to modify the graphics of the template bit by bit.. And don’t give up on Arizona..