SYNTAX creative mess

I was the last to leave the office tonight. With the voices and movement of the SYNTAXers absent, the creative mess in one of our two design zones was the loudest thing in workplace.

This mess is also, in a way, a mirror image of my messy Mac desktop..
Ahmad Humeid's mac desktop

Nice.. ha?

It’s fascinating that the output of this mess is pretty well organized work of strategy, design and production.

I secretly smile when our clients tell us that they really like the way we organize their (and our) thoughts and ideas.

Design is a messy process that yields structured results.

And, thankfully, we also have some people in the office who’s job is to apply managerial control over our mess!

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11 responses to “SYNTAX: creativity is messy and our studio proves it!”

  1. Mazz Avatar

    “Design is a messy process that yields structured results.”
    that’s a pretty darn good quote

  2. Nas Avatar

    “Design is a messy process that yields structured results.”

    quotable :)

  3. Mustafa Anabtawi Avatar
    Mustafa Anabtawi

    Nice office! As you said “Design is a messy process” you should see my desk covered with rough sketches, ideas, projects files, gadgets, it’s part of the work process.
    My previous employer didn’t like such mess he used to make us organize or desks before we leave.

  4. hussein Avatar

    my previous company loved organized environment and didn’t care if the output was messy..

    i don’t how people underestimate this career!

  5. Roba Avatar

    Hehe. Yesterday morning Yasmine and I were talking about how cluttered this room is! But then we agreed that clutter provides better inspiration :)

  6. Pheras Hilal Avatar
    Pheras Hilal

    Did you read “A Perfect Mess”? The book’s main premise is that messiness actually increases your productivity and creativity!

  7. Moey Avatar

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Roba’s comment.

  8. Bilal - Black Jack Avatar
    Bilal – Black Jack

    Hopefully with ‘Stacks” feature in leopard, you will be able to organize your mac desktop! :D

  9. Toujan Avatar

    Oh God! Clean desk policy, Ahmad, that’s what you guys need!
    Are these new chairs? Aeron?

  10. A Avatar

    i’d rather refer to it as ‘organized chaos’
    i think it basically dictates the work process, and i wouldn’t have it any other way!
    it seriously DOES provide better inspiration!

  11. cerda Avatar

    Design is not messy.

    Designers may be or may be not messy, and you have a lost of good examples of well known designers of both kinds.

    Obviously, your’re quite discustingly messy.
    But tell me, are you a good designer?