Orange Jordan blog
It’s rather ‘cool’ that Orange has launched a blog.

It’s even promoted on the home page of Orange Jordan.

What’s totally uncool is:

1. There are only three posts there. all done in June ‘07
2. The blog is clearly powered by WordPress, but the people at orange do not want to admit it. The footer that has the WordPress link is removed.
3. The blog has been completely taken over by comment spam! No one is paying attention. No one heard of Akismet.

Moral of this post:

If your company wants to launch a blog, you’d better staff it with someone who can actually update it and manage it. Otherwise it will just be a big embarrassment.

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3 responses to “Orange launches a blog (and it gets taken over by comment spam!)”

  1. Qwaider قويدر Avatar
    Qwaider قويدر

    They’re completely run-over! Ya 7aram
    I feel so sorry for them. Now had they consulted with you Ahmad, they would’ve been better off.

    Yalla… they will learn! :)

  2. Moey Avatar

    I have many comments up there