Today I heard from a worker at a local Apple dealer that the iPhone will be available legally in Jordan by the end of next month.

But the more interesting part of the rumor is that the iPhone will be released in Jordan without being locked to a mobile carrier. This w means you would simply buy the iPhone and use it with your favorite carrier.

Let’s hope it is not overpriced!







16 responses to “Rumor: iPhone to be legally availble in Jordan by end of March”

  1. Sari Al-Hiari Avatar
    Sari Al-Hiari

    I dont know about the timing. But I have seen screenshots of the iPhone in complete Arabic interface working perfectly on the Mobily network.

  2. Moey Avatar

    Orange that is

  3. Kamel Al-Asmar Avatar
    Kamel Al-Asmar

    I knew that it’s going to be released from Zain… and the next day they told me Orange! Apparently it’s a RUMOR!

  4. Fares Avatar

    Dear Mr.Humeid,
    I am sorry , i cant seem to a “contact us ” , but I thought you would be interested in reading this article :

    PS: Does anyone where I can get an Iphone from Amman?


  5. Sid Vicious Avatar
    Sid Vicious

    Unlikely, unless they follow suit in some other countries as well. They wouldn’t just ditch their strategy of Operator Exclusivity just for our sakes here in Jordan.

  6. Woofer Avatar

    yeah, definetly a rumour… I wish it wasnt… no where in the world will the iphone be legally released unlocked.

  7. Humeid Avatar


    think about it. in a small market like jordan, confining the iphone to one operator might severely limit the market. maybe it will not be ‘unlocked’ but licensed to multiple operators. Isn’t that a possibility?

  8. Ramzi Essayed Avatar
    Ramzi Essayed

    I own one for more than 5 months now since the first trade shipment came to UAE and was unlocked… i got the 8 GB and all i can say that PDAs, Smartphones, Mobiles are all simply black and white comparing to it …

    i used to change my mobile every 2 months maximum because of my business i need to keep up with the technology (according to my management point of view) but this one am not changing … thats for sure.

  9. Zeyceoz Avatar

    The perfect storm; I need a cell phone, the Iphone was coming out on June 29th and it just happens to be my birthday! I got it. I fell in love until Apple punished me less than 90 days later for being an early buyer and I hated them for it. Still They did give me some store credit. Honestly its very convenient and addictive. However I do not have video capturing as you mentioned before- not that I used that ever. But to those who do it may matter. The other problem it only came with AT&T here and I have NO signal in my home unless I stick my head out of the living room window! Everywhere else the signal is fine. I use my wireless network at home and use it as an Ipod which I did not own before (being not high on gadgets). Have not seen it in Arabic that would be wild.

  10. Noor Iddeen Avatar
    Noor Iddeen

    The iPhone should be available in Jordan in July I guess 11th July…and it will be exclusive to Orange only….

  11. Noor Iddeen Avatar
    Noor Iddeen

    any Yeah you dont need to upgrade your phone every two months because the AppStore will be opened sometime in July too where you can buy apps for your iPhone…….its gonna be a revolution Apple is the best they changed the music market through their iPod

  12. Mohammed Metwalli Avatar
    Mohammed Metwalli

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  13. Ghaith Avatar


    is the iphone 3g avalible in amman?

    plz, i need the answer quickly

  14. Zaid Avatar

    Iphone 3G is now available in jordan through Orange Mobile!
    With price packages from 29.99 – 79.99 JDs / month depending on bundles chosen.

    Visit the nearest Orange Store near you or call 1777 from the Orange network.

  15. Abdelrahman Avatar

    Salam everyone ,

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    but, im not sure yet about this , but there is a high possiblity that ill have a couple of iphones in may and some others in july .. although im not sure of both of them !

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  16. monther Avatar

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