First Bra Store
At the First Bra Store, you can look at bras, read about bras and even buy bras.

But its not an ordinary lingerie store we’re talking about here. It the latest art installation by one of my favorite artists in town: Diala Khasawneh.

Diala’s art is witty, quirky, eclectic, accessible, local, personal. It’s free from the self-agrandization or, conversely the self-loathing that I see too often in art.

And what better idea than bras as art?

The installation, pieces of which are for sale, tells the story of women and their first bras: functionally, emotionally, sexually. The installations booklet, combined with the creatively dressed up bras on display make for an engaging art experience. Go check it out at Makan in Jabal Luweibdeh.

Two interesting side notes:

First, the show was supposed to be installed in a store in Jabal Amman, but at the last moment the show was moved to Makan because the owner lady of the store got cold feet (or something like that).

Second, the daily press is ignoring the show. Bras are too hot to handle for them I guess. Welcome to social/self censorship.

I leave you with some shots..

Bra art

Bra art

Bra art




16 responses to “Are these bras too hot to handle for the daily press?”

  1. Ghassan Yonis Avatar
    Ghassan Yonis

    it’s really great to see creative events like this in Amman.. missed it yesterday, going to see it today for sure

  2. Hareega Avatar

    Sooootyaneh ..!

  3. Razan Avatar

    Great review Ahmad, I loved the art installation. Daring, creative and very personal. Way to go Diala :)

  4. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    Il junoon funoon.

  5. Batir Wardam Avatar
    Batir Wardam

    It is better that the daily press is ignoring such an event. If a highlight was published it will be considered a zionist-CIA conspiracy to destroy the manner of our virtous youth and it will became an issue bigger than corruption and increased oil prices.

  6. muhammad arrabi Avatar
    muhammad arrabi

    “Il junoon funoon.” I second Hani.
    (are these displays really going to make you want to buy bras!?)

  7. Almashkalgy Avatar

    اللي بعرض صداري بعرض كلاسين

  8. Moey Avatar


  9. diana Avatar

    first time,this…next time,there will be models for it
    honestly this country is going down!

  10. Fouad Masoud Avatar
    Fouad Masoud

    “Il junoon funoon.” I 3rd Hani.

  11. R.A.N. Avatar

    FINALLY someone out there gets what ive been trying to say ,,, im an art student ,painting. the other day i had the most closed minded, retarded conversation with some fellow art students. they refused to consider diala’s work as art ,, their argument was that it was rediculous and bears no concept at all,, and that it was rude,,,,, and that all installation art accompanied with all modern art is nonsense,,, (they were cancelling out an entire art movement because they didn’t like it ),, dont get me wrong i also love classicsm ,, but isnt art a mean of expression?? 3333333 and they call theirselves artists! their argument even got agressive ,, so ma 5aleitilhom,,, w ya ret iktana3u,, anyways i talked way too much ,, i was just thrilled to find someone appreciating this,,
    great blog btw,,
    (oh ,, and they were too embaressed to say bra aw sityaneh,, when will we evolve?? )

  12. Zaki Avatar


    i found nice story about this art shop check it plz…

  13. The Observer Avatar
    The Observer

    excellent work diala! bravo :)

  14. Jordan Explorer Avatar
    Jordan Explorer

    Oh my God!

    The problem is that we are willing to accept everything as art..
    fine-art to be more specific (cause art is something else than what most people here think).

    What’s next, as someone said before, do it with slips, and then with real models half-naked or completely naked, and say this is the art of the female body.. or male.. whatever.

    And then we say it is America or Zionist than plan for that.. be them the planners or not, if such things have supporters and doers here in this country, then one thing is sure:

    “We are heading down.. very down!” and believe me, that’s not the way Jordan’s economy and culture are going to get any better.

  15. Diala Avatar

    تحياتي للجميع وشكرا على تعليقاتكم على ما كتبه أحمد بخصوص معرضي بعنوان محلات السوتيانة الأولى ويشرفني أن أدعو الجميع لحضوره وأن أسمع المزيد من آرائكم عنه بعد أن تزوروه. المعرض في مكان ولا يزال قائما حتى يوم الأربعاء الرابع من حزيران

    العنوان: مكان – رقم 21 شاريع نديم الملاج في جبل اللويبدة
    يوميا من الساعة 11 صباحا وحتى 7 مساء

    ولمزيد من المعلومات يمكن الاتصال بـ 064631969

    ديالا خصاونه

  16. Rafique Nasereddin Avatar
    Rafique Nasereddin

    First i wanna thank you Ahmed for blogging about this WONDERFUL exhibit,

    As a space coordinator in Makan,and you can say i was in the whole process of buliding this whole project…

    and let me tell you am terribly shocked with the responses i read above ! you gotta experience it with it’s pyscological,emotional and even sexual depths to touch and get the point of it… IT DOES HAVE A POINT !

    I prefer if you people visit the exhibit and talk to the artist before being this judgemental,dont you think thats logic ?!

    oh and btw…we gotta give new movements a space to breathe and evolve…the things you guys are holding on to NOW was basically a contemporary movement at some point !

    I’ve blogged about this whole experience myself,this is my side of the story :

    I again thank you Ahmed and thanks to all the responds whether its positive or negative :)

    Rafique Nasereddin