For those of you interested in the media aspect of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it might be worth it to check out the session “Reading between the lies – Perception and prejudice in the Middle East” at the Global Media Forum, which will be held at 12:00 pm German time (that would be 1:00 pm Amman time).

You can follow the proceeding via the live video stream.

The panel will consist of:

Jacky Sutton, Media Projects Manager, UNDP-Iraq, Amman Office
Salameh B. Nematt, ex-bureau chief of Al Hayat, journalist
Raed Othman, General Director of the Ma’an Network
David Witzthum, Moderator and Chief Editor, Israel Television (TV Channel 1), lecturer on history and media studies at the Hebrew and Tel Aviv Universities

I am very interested to see how this subject will be discussed, especially in the light of the recent 60th anniversary of Israel’s creation. My impression is that Israel managed to utterly and absolutely win the PR war on this occasion, drowning out the fact that its creation and its subsequent conquering of land caused, and continues to cause misery for the Palestinians who live under its occupation.

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