Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Cultural marketing can look this good

Spotted this cool poster for the theatrical adaptation of Suad al Amiry’s book “Sharon and My Mother-in-Law” in several places in Amman. Whoever booked those billboards is clever. On Mecca street they are located near traffic lights. Very noticeable.

And the poster looks pretty cool too. Does anyone know who designed it.

It’s amazing how some intelligent cultural marketing can create a perception of cultural vibrancy. We need more of that. Culture should come to people and not wait for them to come.

More about the play (to be shown on November 13 and 14 on Al Balad Theater) is on Facebook.

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6 Responses to “Sharon and My Mother-in-Law: Cultural marketing can look this good”

  1. kinzi Says:

    Those are expensive though. Hubby just priced them, mish ma3uul. This must be some production coming up, which makes me even more curious!

  2. PH Says:

    I definitely agree with you (and disagree with Kinzi on pricing!). I loved the book, and loved the clever advertisement. However, i still think that it should have been more street (disorderly and chaotic), it would have been fun to see an obscene amount of flyers stamped all over town. The way it was presented, neatly stacked, looked too clean and tame to me, where the advertisement suggests otherwise.

  3. Ameen Malhas Says:

    Highly highly recommended play. Lovely cast, very dry dark witty humor. If you don’t laugh, you will cry.

    The same poster was also on several billboards here in Beirut last month.

    It ran in Beirut for about 8 showings, why just two in Amman? Either way, do enjoy it.

  4. ola khalidi Says:

    hello ahmad
    design is done by

  5. Imad Says:

    they added more shows but it looks like they’re all sold out already!!

  6. kinzi Says:

    PH, not the tickets, but the adverts, he checked for a promo he was working on. BUT, will look for this book since you all say it is that good!

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