Yanone releases his first commercial font

Yanone Sound Systeem

The multi-talented Yanone (code name: Jan Gerner), German designer/type designer/design student/DJ and ex-SYNTAX intern has just released his first commercial font production named Pochoir via myFonts.com.

Pochoir is a sweet stencil antiqua typeface with round and thick serifs. It was inspired by Paris street art on a university trip, namely stencils of course. The art form of stencils have first appeared in Paris in the 1980s.

It comes in two flavours: Regular and Sprayed.

The Regular is supposed to be used as a shape for stencil-cutouts, while the Sprayed is intended for printing and on-screen purposes, as it looks like it has already been sprayed.

The third font is called Splotch and contains various borders and splotches that can be applied to the Sprayed font to give the whole thing a more out-inna-the-streets look.

Pochoir: A stencil typeface

I think this font is really cool. It’s not just a regular font that has been ‘stencilized’ but a well-crafted typeface made specifically with stenciling in mind. Buy it now, I say :)

Other fonts by Yanone include the free Yanone Kaffeesatz and the Arabic Abdali (yes, named after the ‘famous’ Amman bus station).

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