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The 99

I was going through my email and found this press release from Teshkeel comics, whose founder, Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa created a comic book project entitled The 99, based on Islamic culture. I checked out the preview. The story starts in Baghdad during the golden age of Islamic civilization, then takes a mythical turn that takes us to the modern world, where the action is played out by a group of Arab and non-Arab super heros across Arabia and the globe.

KUWAIT CITY, June 24, 2006 – An award was presented last week, to Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa at the Cartoons and Comics Festival in Recife, Brazil in recognition of his creation of the comic book project The 99. The 99 is the world’s first superhero team based exclusively on Islamic culture. It is being released for publication through Teshkeel Media Group, a company that Dr. Al-Mutawa founded.

“Although I am honoured to be the recipient of such a prestigious award,” said Dr. Al-Mutawa. “the real winners here are The 99 themselves. This is a concept whose time has come and one that will forever change the way our children view such things as multiculturalism, cooperation and our own cultural heritage.”

The FIHQ award has had its share of illustrious recipients in the past. Included are the late American comic writer, artist and entrepreneur, Will Eisner; Don Rosa who served as an illustrator for Disney for many years; French cartoonist Jano as well as Peter Kuper whose comic illustrations appear regularly in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and MAD magazine.

Dr Ramzi and The 99

The 99 comic

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  1. Moey Says:

    Actually It’s pretty amazing (I blogged about it earlier) and got a signed copy of it from mutawaa and the other representative of marvel. I thought it’d be silly but I actually loved the concept and bought it in arabic and english in kuwait (and it’s also cheap. for 1.250 KD almost 2.5 JD) and the paper quality/printing is even better than some imported comics, and can’t wait to get the 2nd issue on september since that i subscribed and should get my issues in jordan.

  2. Jansait Says:

    interesting.. so this comics are not sth bad to Islam, again?

  3. bob Says:

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  4. Fazli Qadir Says:

    WOW thats all i can say about the comic, its gr8.
    i was also wondering if its possable 2 get the english version in my country (Pakistan)???
    is there a subscrition i can join and if so, how?
    keep up the gr8 work guys

  5. Sonsie Hollingsworth Says:

    I would love to get an english copy Please let know.

  6. Hannah Says:

    MashALLAh. I am so so so proud of Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa for doing such a great thing. I totally am a big fan of his after I saw a short documentary on TV about The 99. Its so great to have a comic thats based on Islam rather then other junk that kids read. I am a teenager living in United States, and I really want to contribute to Islam in such way as Dr. Al-Mutawa! This deed was very inspirational to me, and I really hope to meet Dr. Al-Mutawa someday. :)

  7. evita Says:

    where can I get it in Indonesia? Please let me know. Thanks.

  8. Saleem Siddiqui Says:

    This is an amazing Idea. I grew up reading comics just like many kids in the US. This is one of the concepts that I had been thinking of to help change the perception of Muslims in the West. Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa has put together an excellent team to produce this high quality work of art.

    Check it out here and listen to the interview!

  9. burka als cloaking device gadget? | spange Says:

    [...] die süddeutsche und telepolis berichteten über die islamische comicserie “die 99″. während man über absatzprobleme in saudi arabien spekuliert, die vertretung eines “diskreten islams” (sz) unterstellt wird aufgrund der kosmopolitischen bandbreite der superhelden (tp) und sich freut, dasz die umma als “knallbunte taskforce” (sz) dargestellt werde. unter der leserschaft sieht die freude auf die comics eher anders aus: “Its so great to have a comic thats based on Islam rather then other junk that kids read.” comment auf 360east. [...]

  10. sama Says:

    sangat mengagumkan untuk comik jaman sekarang yang penuh sampah.
    99 mampu membawa warna baru yang khas.
    tapi gimana dong dengan anak indonesia supaya bisa nikmatin juga? karena indonesia berpenduduk muslim terbesar dunia.

  11. nancymartinez mehndi Says:

    what about the search for the 100th?

  12. jojie casiao Says:

    its really cool comics…new concept..,i wish to join to a creative illustrator team…

  13. Rahul Misal Says:

    I am from Pune a fine artist. I am interested in comic illustrations. Please kindly inform if there is any requirement.

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