Architects/Contractors: Help needed in building a stone wall!

Stone Wall
Dear readers!

I am working on a project, which will include 300 square meters of walls that need to be clad in the style shown in the photos above and below (this sample was built for me by someone but I am trying to get more offers). The stone will be supplied. What I need is builders who can professionally clad concrete structures in this style.

If you are a building contractor or know a builder or a building contractor who can do this at a reasonable cost, please drop me a line in the comments (your comment will nor appear) or email me at

Thanks for helping out a fellow Architect :-)
stone wall

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7 Responses to “Architects/Contractors: Help needed in building a stone wall!”

  1. Zeid Nasser Says:

    Tha lack of comments suggests none of your blog visitors are in construction :)

  2. salam Says:

    Ahmad, do you need the stones to be cut in thin pieces and plastered on concrete walls? and are the walls interior or exterior? I will check with this certain contractor and let you know..and also where is the location and how fast do you want the work done..I know he’ll be asking ma bout this stuff.

  3. Jad Says:

    I don’t know why you’re looking for a building contractor, I helped in building such senseleh long time ago and the side note is that it will always fall one day

  4. Humeid Says:


    The thickness of stone and plaster will be approximately 15 cm. I already have some of the stone. The sample was built from the same stone.

    No need for ‘cutting’ if you mean machine cutting. The builder who built that wall just used a hammer tool to work on the stones.

    And yes, it will be plastered on a concrete wall. Some of the walls will be high (up to 6 meters actually).

    Location: Amman/Dabouq

    Time to start: As soon as possible.

    As I said: the job is to build around 300 square meters in total over a period of a few months.

  5. salam Says:

    You mislead me there by using the word (clad), ok now I understand,bass wallahi 6 meters high, with stone that is roughly 15 cms thick ,haik, free standing ? does not sound too sturdy, don’t you think? or will they be supported by columns or other walls like the sample you have in the picture? Anyways, I hope to have an answer for you by Saturday.

  6. Humeid Says:

    Salam.. it is cladding. In Arabic “Talbees”. Definitely NOT free standing.

    First a concrete wall will be built. Then the stones will be added.

    And yes.. similar to the sample, except that concrete and not cement blocks will be behind it.

    Sorry for troubling you with this :-)

  7. manal y Says:

    thats one huge wall u got there, and from what i see in the pictures the guy did a pretty neat job but u can get something better, how u can find something exactlly like that i have no idea, i need to ask first…but is that caldding in the picture cause it looks like it has been built, anyway how can i help for now is by this website that offers u a differnt option to clad your wall, by carving the stone on the wall,
    check, go to products, plaster & stucco, Artgrout 901 and 900, now if u drag to the end of a page u can see a smaple of what im takling about but ofcourse it can be in many diffrent ways
    now about the price it dosent come cheap.

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