After an evening of frustrating internet slowness it suddenly happened after midnight. At around 1:15 am I felt the web was faster so I repeated my speed tests.

A download from BLEW ME AWAY. First I got 660 KB/sec. Then, on another download the speed almost hit 800 KB/sec..

DSL download speed on Orange 8MBit line


It finally happened. A proof that the new 8Mbit line is capable of blazing fast download speeds. I couldn’t believe the speed at which the file was being sucked down the web.
I tried some P2P downloads..

Almost 400 KB/sec. Not bad..
A speed test on

It showed almost 6600 KBit/sec. Great..

Upload speed is not great..

Actually this 8Mbit Orange line is supposed to give me around 512 KBit/sec upload speed (which in itself is disappointing). But the fastest I got was probably the result above..

Anyway. This is amazing. This is how this line should perform. I don’t know what the heck happened after 1 am. But it’s just great to see this speed.

Anyone out there with similar experiences?

[still in disbelief]

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17 responses to “WOW!! Almost 800 KB/sec downloads on my 8 Mbit Orange DSL!”

  1. Nizar Avatar

    4000 KB/Sec here :D

  2. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    How long did your MS download last at close to that speed ?

    We have a5000 JD per year dedicated leased line at work which is supposed to have a guaranteed speed of 1MBit, but Tuesday morning it hit speeds of 3KB/s. I wonder if the 8Mbit subscribers haven’t been allocated enough bandwidth and will be taking it from the rest. If so I think we’ll be canceling that leased line soon.

    A friend of mine who lives on 6th circle called them and they told him it’s only available in 3abdoon, another friend friend from deir al-3’ubar or something also called and they told him it’s not available in his area, but he got upset and asked for a manager etc… then it suddenly became available in his area too.

    It seems like you get a different story depending who you talk to. The least they could do is an automated tool on the website where the offer is advertised such that you enter your phone number and it tells you if it’s supported or not.

    I’ll be calling them to upgrade my home connection today (fingers crossed)!

  3. XBOX 360 Avatar
    XBOX 360

    Hey, I recommend you do your tests on

    I find it to be very accurate. Make sure you check ping times as well

  4. steve Avatar

    sorry, but speed at night is like a turtle. I have 4 Mbit, and speed at night is like a dial up. Orange wake up and start improving ur service.

  5. Salwa S. Avatar
    Salwa S.

    It’s the ADSL structure itself, it’s shared thats why during peak hours it goes bit slower, after 1 am less customers means more bandwidth share :)

    but anyway, are we going to hear about FTTH soon? I am dreaming of 100 Mbps :D

  6. Faris Ayyoub Avatar
    Faris Ayyoub


    It has been three days since I requested the new 8 Megabit line, and Orange still hasn’t contacted me. I want to ask you how much time did it take them to upgrade your speed when you requested it?

    And also, can you post another update on the speed of the line ? With upload and download tests ?

    I hope am not asking much.


  7. Humeid Avatar


    I ordered it on a thursday afternoon and they started working on it on sunday afternoon. Service was working a few days later.

    Yesterday I got a 500 KB/sec from a bittorrent download. Just tested a download from Microsoft and it looked like it was going to reach something like 700 KB/sec

    Speed test on shows nearly a 6000 Kbits/sec connection.

    Upload speed is still around 330 kbits/sec, well below the promised 512 kbits/sec.

    Browsing ranges from great to sluggish. That’s the eternal problem in jordan.

    I am happy with these tests so far.

  8. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    I called them last Sunday to increase my line from 2Mbit to 8. They said I have to go to the office in person to file an application.

    Once I got there, they said, I can’t apply to increase to 8Mbit until I change my account to the “Bitstream” plan with no further explanation. So when I asked what’s involved in the bitstream plan, they told me: – First you have to commit to stay with Orange for 12 months. – Second you have to pay the bill for november now ahead of time (rather than wait til 1-Dec when it’s billed on credit card) – Third, you have to pay use one month (December) in advance – Fourth your bill will no longer be split into 2 parts but will come in 1 section

    Oh and finally they told me that they can only file one request at a time, and that I’d have to come back in 3 days after my account had been changed to bitstream to make a second application to increase the speed from 2-8Mbit

    So I went today (which is 3 days later from Sunday), and applied for increasing the speed. Now they told me it should take another 3 days, and that it should be working by Sunday.

    Is this how they treat their highest paying customers ? force them to commit for a year, make them pay ahead of time, make them wait a whole week, and make them have to come to the phone company in person two times, and have to line up for a whole hour each time.

    To give you a comparison, when I was in Toronto I applied for DSL online from a dialup account, in the same day the service was activated, and a fedex delivery guy came in carrying my modem with instructions to set it up on my own, it was up and running within 6 hours of me making the online request. This wasn’t just a request to increase speed, but to create a whole new account, and this was in 1997, more than 10 years ago.

    Why does Orange set its standards so low ?

  9. Hani Obaid Avatar
    Hani Obaid

    A month later, they still not only haven’t activated 8Mbit. They refuse to send someone to investigate. Insist it is already 8Mbit, and are charging me for 8Mbit anyway, and now I can’t even swtich providers because they said I had to commit to stay with orange for 1 year before they’ll turn on 8Mbit.

    Bottom line, they’re thieves.

  10. Ahmad Avatar

    I had similar issues with Orange in the past. The service was absolutely horrible. Last year when I was consulting companies were asking me about opening offices in Amman and I had to answer honestly that the internet infrastructure and service is 5-7 years behind the city. All of them decided to go to other locations (even with lower speeds) for stability and service.

    I prefer a 4mgbit line that works, than an 8 mgbit line that works 14% of the time.

  11. jimmy Avatar

    Do u have to have special modem for the 8Mbit or u can stay with the same thomsen modem

  12. Disappointed in Jordan Avatar
    Disappointed in Jordan

    Hey [still in disbelief]

    Wow Either you should be drug tested, or you work for Orange. Possibly both

    When I read anything positive about Orange I believe it is planted to give Orange positive PR. Without these “Planted Comments” there would be nothing positive said about Orange.

    Their Internet service (if you wanna call it that) is too undependable, too slow, and too expensive

    Nobody who has ever been a customer of Orange believes this crap

  13. born2download Avatar

    120 M(ega)bit/s DL – 10 M(ega)bit/s UL here

  14. Tamer Avatar

    hi all,,, we are a new company in Jordan (Blink comm). and we now have internet for business plans from 5megs to 500megs on our own infrastructure.. very competitive pricing if you are a leased line customer.. give us a call if your interested 5690997

  15. Akram Husseini Avatar
    Akram Husseini

    This is their site:
    I just checked it, still the site needs some work as the links not all of them work. but gives you an idea what they want to offer. it’s sad they don’t offer anything for home users..

  16. Jason Avatar

    900 KB/SEC Here.