Today I got a really weird spam message. It came with .wma attachment of more than 5 MB and the subject line ‘Ana Hurra’. As I am a Mac user and not worried about viruses, I decided to download the attachment and indeed, the attachment was a song entitled Ana Hurra (I am free). I played it and it turned out to be a song about freedom done in a what sounded to me like an Iraqi Arabic accent (I wasn’t too sure). It’s a polished production. Very American sounding, with piano and an emotional/anthemic feel to it. You know the kind that goes well with a holywood movie where the good guys win. Hmmm.

I followed the link in the message and I ended up on the site of an ‘Assyrian entertainment company’ with the strange name of Strategic Entertainment. They’re based in the US and their aim is to create entertainment for Assyrians all over the world.

Here’s a snippet of what they say about themselves.

Strategic Entertainment is determined to help bring our people together all across the world through the entertainment industry. We know that this is a great time for our people and we are just thankful we can provide laughter, tears and excitement for Assyrians all over the world.

Why I got this spam message with the song attached is beyond me. But I found the whole thing quite intriguing. Has anyone out there received the same message?

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  1. Ibrahim Avatar

    while am reading in i found this article about the song that you received: