At the moment I am just too confused, angry and sad to write anything useful about what happened in Amman tonight. My only thought is: life must go on.

I refer you to Jordan Planet for an overview of the ongoing reactions of Jordan’s bloggers..

Also: Ethan Zuckerman’s post.

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4 responses to “Amman explosions: Jordan’s bloggers react”

  1. Tololy Avatar

    I share your anger and grief, and so do all the people in this good country. May god receive the souls of those who fell with mercy.

  2. Bob Avatar

    Israelis evacuated from Amman hotel hours before bombings

    By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

    A number of Israelis staying on Wednesday at the Radisson hotel were evacuated before the bombing by Jordanian security forces, apparently due to a specific security alert. They were escorted back to Israel by security personnel.

    The Foreign Ministry stated Wednesday that no Israeli tourists are known to have been injured in the blasts. Representatives of Israel’s embassy in Amman were in contact with local authorities to examine any report of injured Israelis, but none were received. There are often a number of Israeli businessman and tourists in Amman, including in the hotels hit Wednesday.

    Israel’s counter-terror headquarters on Wednesday recommended Israeli citizens not travel in Jordan. Travel warnings regarding Jordan were tightened a few months ago, but many Israelis still visit the country. Many also visit other regions such as the Jordanian Arava and the ancient city of Petra.

  3. Saheli Avatar

    I’m so sorry Ahmad. I don’t know what to say. I feel like we have all failed your country. Jordan and the Jordanians have done so much for peace and, and give so much hope to people like me about a bright future for the Middle East, though I know you have your troubles too. I hope you and yours are okay, though of course they are all yours.

  4. Sascha (a podcast subscriber) Avatar
    Sascha (a podcast subscriber)

    I just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago but wanted to write you a note to tell you how sorry I am and that my thoughts are with Jordan.—Portland, Oregon, USA