It’s a bit of an open secret by now: over the past few months I’ve been working with a great bunch of people on a new site: toot. We’re not finished yet. And even when we launch soon, it will be ‘not even in ALPHA’. More details soon.. :)

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8 responses to “Can you say: ‘toot’?”

  1. Khalidah Avatar

    I had a previous glimpse Ahmad and was over zealous about it .. and would love to be a part of the tooters as soon as you open the door for participation
    From what I have seen; it is a great thing and a job well done

    Thank you for this initiative and by the way; the name, logo and concept and so so so cool

    Keep it up guys and we are behind you


  2. Lina Avatar

    I spotted toot a while ago and must tell you I’m already in love with it ;) great work you guys!! Brilliant concept, design, and everything… bs yalla we want to see it out ;p

  3. Tololy Avatar


  4. Nas Avatar

    yeah i spotted a while ago but didnt want to spill the beans before you guys did

    great great work. its a phenomenal undertaking to say the least.

  5. Ibrahim Avatar

    very nice site, i think i commented there on your site.
    i loved the way you divided the site, and the design is truly nice …
    good luck in your site …

  6. Mishan Allah e7kooli Avatar
    Mishan Allah e7kooli

    Can you at least tell us what you SPOTTED people, ya3ni what is it about ?
    I saw the pictures but what is it about ??? Would you please tell us a bit more ?

  7. Humeid Avatar

    hey.. thank everyone for your encouraging comment here.. we’re still working hard on getting the site up to shape.. Make sure you go to the site and leave us your email so we can let you know when we go live.. :)

  8. Janti Avatar

    What is it all about?