Ecto for Mac screenshot

Today, I stumbled upon a post by tech pundit Om Malik (of the Business 2.0 fame) in which he lists his top 10 favorite Mac apps.
I found a true gem: Ecto.

GigaOM : » 10MacApps :
Ecto, still the best blogging client in the world and well worth the $18 dollar price.

This application will make my blogging so much more efficient. I will not attempt a review here and instead I encourage you to go and download the trial version (good for 20 days, with a reasonable 18$ price tag after that). Its also available for that ‘other’ operating system ;)

I already am using the Ecto to write this post.

The most important features that I discovered so far are:

  1. Ability to import photos from my iPhoto library and resize them/optimize their quality/upload them from one place. This will totally change my blogging workflow to something better. I can now even insert images directly in my posts from screen grabs..
  2. Proper spell checking (up till now I’ve been writing my long posts in Word or Apple Mail).
  3. Very good integration with WordPress via xmlprc API, including support of categories.
  4. It stores local versions of my posts.
  5. Easy text formatting with the choice to work in html mode too.
  6. Easy insertion of URLs (with brilliant right-click feature allowing to create a url out of selected text using a url in the clipboard)
  7. Supports multiple blogs.
  8. Word count (yippee)
  9. ‘Ectoize’ bookmarklet for quick reblogging.
  10. Ability to add attachments (important for podcasting I guess).

There is much more to talk about.. the app looks great. The UI works.

I will definitely buy Ecto soon.

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