toot vs baloo6

Ok, so I’ve been tagged by Jano with the.. the iToot vs iBaloo6 tag.

Let’s see..

1) are you a berry or a squirrel?

On one hand I am a Berry.. But that’s sort of irrelevant when you’re the Architect of the Matrix. It’s all an illusion maaan!

2) if you were a squirrel, you werent added to itoot because of you dont have a connection there (wasta) or cuz ur blog simply sux?


3) if you were a berry who was your wasta? and how purple it is?

I don’t need a wasta to talk to myself. Hehehehe. Remember, I am The Minister of Blogging (What? Isam Bayazidi is still in office. Damn!).

4) what do you think that ibaloo6 will get for a domain? so itoot could buy it before

Is that a trap question. If I told you, we’d have to go any and buy it! But here’s a suggestion anyway: By the way, we’re thinking of putting the domain names for sales. We have to pay salaries soon and Eid is knocking the door too, you know..

5) who do you think will win the war at last? the capitalist berries or the socialists squirrels?

Despite being an “evil capitalist berry”, I have to admit that, in the end, there will be millions of squirrels who will just overrun the rotten berries. Then, they will declare the Democratic Republic of Squirrelonia. Everyone will be happy for a while, until there is a ‘corrective movement’ by Chairman Moey Tse Tung and certain squirrels will suddenly ‘disappear’ and found ‘hanging’ on Acorn trees. This goes on for some years, until the squirrels decide that manufacturing berry-flavoured acorns is what they really want to do.. on so on..

6) secret negotiation to acquire ibaloo6, Rumor or True?

Acquisition: True. Secret negotiations: Rumor :)

7) What is the “REAL” amount of money that ibaloo6 has been acquired for by itoot? a) 36.0 Piasters b) 36.5 piasters. or only for c) ONE Billion Dollars

All the above actually. Let me explain: we paid One Billion Squirrel Dollars. In Squirrelonia there is very high inflation, so the Squrrel Dollar is like what the Italian Lira and the Iraqi Dinar used to be. So, One Billion Squirrel Dollars are 36 piasters in real mony. As for the extra ta3reefeh, it was what we had to pay in bribes, etc.

8) Do you think this is a photo of a real squirrel after itoot acquired ibaloo6 or its just manipulated?

It’s real. I took the photo myself.

9) if its not toot (iza mesh toot) then its; a)fa2oos. b) baloo6. c) Brad Pitt.

.. shoot!

10) true or false:

a) toot belongs to a tree.


b) all fruits are equal.

TRUE, but each tastes different.

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8 responses to “iToot vs. iBaloo6 tag”

  1. Jano Avatar

    hehehe nice answers :D thanks

    sorry for the link to your blog :S corrected ;)

  2. Moey Avatar
    it’s more like

    because we were never ever going to buy

    we aren’t that n00b to talk about the domain and not buy it.. lel asaf!

    anyways, All I can say is.. expect the expected (since ur really good with expectations)

  3. omar Avatar


    you’re obsessed

  4. Abed. Hamdan Avatar
    Abed. Hamdan


    I can’t beleive it

    are you serious ??

    did you just beleive the iBaloo6 thing ??

    do you beleive anything we say ??


  5. Khalidah Avatar


    This was really really funny :)

  6. Humeid Avatar

    Bi al Tadqeeq, Akhi Naseem. Itfathal irta7..

  7. nasimjo Avatar