I am usually the first to complain about my ISP’s internet speed. But today I have good news. I noticed my browsing was zippier over the past two days. So I went to my favorite internet speed test site and did a test with three US based servers. I am happy to share with you that the results were very good.

This is the Seattle server test:

Internet Speed Test

This is the San Francisco test:

Internet Speed Test
And this is the New York test:

Internet Speed Test
Download speed averages at nearly 200 KB/sec.
Upload speed averages at a little below 50 KB/sec.

Well this is what a 2Mbit/sec line should give us. I really hope this condition continues.

And PLEASE Orange, start giving us higher speeds in Jordan. 2Mbit is now the entry level in Europe. In Jordan its the top speed! It’s time for 4, 6 and, can we dream 10 and 16 Mbit connections.

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12 responses to “Good speed on my 2 Megabit Orange internet connection!”

  1. sasa Avatar

    1723 on a 2Mbps line is amazing. What is your router syncing at? 2Mbps?

    You normally wouldn’t expect more than about 1500, even if you live next door to the exchange. Maybe, just maybe, Orange have increased your sync.

    In London I get 14000 on my 16Mbps line – and I am 400 metres away from the exchange. And it only costs $20. Jealous? ;)

  2. abed_italy Avatar

    Very good results for a 2 Mb connection. Specially the upload is really great, i thought 2 Mb is just 256 kpbs in upload, while it seems to be a 384!

    Take a look at http://www.speedtest.net ,you can even test on Amman, Dubai, ecc. And you will have the Ping result in ms, very important for online gaming :-)

    P.S: by the way, the entry level internet speed in Europe now is 6-8 Mb for new subrscibers, 2 is just for “old” users that are gradually passing to 6/8! I have an 8Mb with free calls (to all italian fixed lines) and the wifi router by provider, for 30 €/month. What about costs now in Jordan?

  3. sasjamal Avatar

    By the way, just wondering, whats the CAP on downloads? And when can you use it unlimitedly?


  4. za3tar Avatar

    Check out this site: http://speedtest.net .. it is more servers all around the world. Even a couple in Jordan.

  5. Rami Avatar

    I use a 7.2 Mbit “mobile broadband” – its a 3G, USB-plug and play technology… I can surf while laying down in a park… :-)

  6. Derek Avatar

    Did the speed test you used scan across your entire network including connected computers, wired and wireless networks and Internet connection?

    The only way to get real time data on traffic flow and speed between your computer and other devices on your network and between your computer and Internet, is by running Speed Meter Pro from Pure Networks. You can find it here: http://www.purenetworks.com/product/speedmeterpro/

    I bet you’ll be extremely surprised with how awesome this new speed meter is compared to any other you’ve ever used!

  7. Ghassan Yonis Avatar
    Ghassan Yonis

    “I really hope this condition continues.”.. with Orange! don’t think this is gonna happen..

  8. subzero Avatar

    Register in my ISP!

    I have 100Mbps internet AT HOME!
    1Gbps at work (in my laboratory).

    haha its amazing i download 1 1GB in minute(s) :p

    Just wish for a stable 128Kbps in Jordan and you r blessed!

  9. Mahdi Bourini Avatar
    Mahdi Bourini

    Will I’m using my 2.0 Mb UMax connection, its good but some times it goes wild, and still hate the monthly 10 GB download limit…

  10. SunRise Avatar

    Orange gone bad again. :S

    Few weeks of good internet speed, the connection was faster and more responsive, then everything is back to the normal; slow again!

    Dam you Orange, I’m sick tired of your terrible service, I will be canceling my contract today.


  11. cristina aquinta Avatar
    cristina aquinta

    hi, cool web site and good articles.
    The The first step is to learn how to find out what your Internet speed is.The Internet speed is determined by 2 components: the download rate and the upload rate of data which are usually measured in Kilobits per second.
    Then after you know the upload and download rate, you can use tools or tweaks to improve your internet speed, or take the decision to change your ISP.

  12. Repem Avatar

    In Romania/Europe you can have with 35 eur//mo 100mbps ! upload and download! The offer comes from a “young” ISP named Ilink. His owner Sabin Piso is a smart guy that knows that the speed is money!