T-Mobile/HTC’s G1: is there hope for me in the Google phone?

My agonized feelings about the iPhone are well documented on this blog. So I won’t bore you with more “the problem with the iPhone is..” points. Instead, I am really looking forward to today’s launch of the HTC Dream, marketed as the G1 by T-Mobile in the US.

This is the first Google Android phone to be launched..

The T-Mobile G1

I will keep a close eye on this launch, hoping that Google have really helped create a breakthrough phone OS. The next few hours will reveal everything.

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2 Responses to “T-Mobile/HTC’s G1: is there hope for me in the Google phone?”

  1. ArabianMonkey Says:

    drooool. i know i want it! waiting with my limping iphone…

  2. andy Says:

    Hi when can we expect the Android T Mobile service launch for UAE. Who would sell these phones in the UAE. Thanks!

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