Is anyone else in Jordan experiencing slowness in accessing Google?

My interent experience over the past few days has been horrible. Accessig Google search and Google Adsense site has been horribly slow. The Google home page either does not come up or takes over 30 seconds to appear. Has anyone in Jordan (or elsewhere) experienced this?

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18 Responses to “Is anyone else in Jordan experiencing slowness in accessing Google?”

  1. Khalidah Says:

    You are right … I even experienced the “The Page Cannot be Found” error which is uncommon for google

  2. Khalidah Says:

    Try now … It seems to be working again

  3. Humeid Says:

    Getting some better performance now. Maybe someone at some internet gateway (in Jordan?) ‘woke up’ in the morning after the weekend (who cares about the net over the weekend, right?) and had a look at the ‘pipes’ and said: ‘gosh.. somethin’s clogged here’.. Anyone else experienced this..?

  4. Ameen Malhas Says:

    I’m sorry, that sucks for Amman. Google has become like water, necessary for my existence.

    Ahmad, do you know when they’ll boost DSL speeds in Amman up to a decent 3.0 MBps? I mean they should’ve done so already. My conn here is 9 MBps, and I hear that in Korea and Japan it tops 20 MBps, do you see a future like that for Amman? Maybe even through 3G/4G cell networks or otherwise…

    I ask because you’re my telecom guru :)

  5. sabri Says:

    my gmail takes 2 or 3 shots to open up

  6. Humeid Says:


    We’re stuck with 1 Mbit tops here. I am hoping this will change when the newly registered telecoms come online. The market has been liberalized for a year but till now the only thing we’ve seen are cheaper international calling rates and calling cards. Any company that would come out with even a 2Mbit connection will differentiate itself in the market today. I think we’ll see that happening in the Q1 2006 (hopefully).

  7. Firas Says:

    Gmail is always a pain in the … to access!
    Many of my freinds complain about the same thing with Gmail and google services in general!It takes like ages, though when I use FireFox it is a little bit faster.
    Yeah on a final note, Jameed’s blog is so slow when openning up! Is it like this for everyone, or I have a problem in my Java thing?

    I got an ADSL connection!Do I hatv to tweak it or something?How is it done anyways?

    Ahmad, in order to upgrade do they have to install a new network?Or the current one would do just fine?I mean is JTC playing monopoly?
    I remember calling some ISP and some of those fake blondes answered the phone: Shu beddak aktar min 1Mbs? hella jad eb te7ki?Aslan 1Mbs 7aram for a home user!

  8. Janti Says:

    The wrong is with Google not with Amman ADSL… Google servers are a bit stressed… you know! millions of requests everyday.

  9. Khaled Says:

    I hope you’re being sarcastic Janti… Google definitly does not have a bandwidth or overload problem. They serve such a large user base, that for them to move from being able to serve a page in under a second to serving it in 30 seconds, the world’s population will have to multiply by a factor of 5 suddenly, or every rural farmer in China and India is given a laptop and asked to browse to google.

    Unless you meant a technical difficulty and not load, which is not likely due to the redundancy.

    That leaves a massive DoS attack from an undetected worm infecting millions of machines, which is probably not true since we saw no service degredation here in the US :).

    If google experiences problems, you will sure here about it on BBC, CNN and possibly (or is it hopefully?) Al-Jazeera. Not sure about JTV though, do they work on the weekends ;-)


  10. Laith Zraikat Says:

    All this time we were blaming Omar (Koudsi) for the bad connection in the office :P

  11. David Says:

    It’s been a bit sluggish for me, as well. But since you guys already mentioned it, even Wanadoo’s (so called) 1Mb/s connection is quite slow compared to what I had in the States. Someone needs to kick-start the telecommunications here into the current century.

  12. Janti Says:

    “It’s been a bit sluggish for me, as well. But since you guys already mentioned it, even Wanadoo’s (so called) 1Mb/s connection is quite slow compared to what I had in the States. Someone needs to kick-start the telecommunications here into the current century.”

    There is no enough users base for ADSL in Jordan yet to make it look tempting for the ISPs or JTC to provide higher speed and better connections, most people subscribe to the light plan (128kbps).

    In the near future – I hope – the prices will drop which will encourage more to subscribe to ADSL and that will bring more profits and will shift thing to the next level, 8mbps or 16mbps connections won’t be any good for those companies right now (economically), in short; what’s the point of providing high speed at high prices knowing that barley anyone will subscribe (except for those who’re wealthy or those who really need it, and I personally doubt the last one, even if so, how many are those?).

  13. Janti Says:

    I’m just speculating Khaled, as every other site works just fine, except for Google!

    As for not being affected in the states, that maybe because Google have different servers, each serves certain geographical area (continents level) based on IP or something.

    My friend, I’m just speculating here.

  14. David Says:


    As of today, it’s not only Google’s sluggishness, but my entire connection. A speed test on reported an average download speed of 63kbps. This is abysmally slow, especially considering that I am paying for a 1Mbps line and receiving just above dial-up speeds.

    In my six months of subscribing to Wanadoo’s ADSL service, I don’t believe I have ever received the advertized speeds. I have sent a letter of complaint to Wanadoo, but I don’t think it will do any good (does it ever in this country?). After all, a refund should be in order if I am receiving much less that what is being paid for.

  15. Janti Says:


    Today, There was a problem with Wanadoo connections, I’m subscribed with them (ADSL) since 3 months or so, and this is the first time their connection go down, I was surfing with speed as low as 112~320bit (yes you heard it right, bit!), anyway things happens.

    Believe me, other ISPs aren’t doing any better, after trying most of them, I found that Wanadoo and TeData are good choices.

    As for writing complaints, well, you said it my friend, it will not help or do any good, so do yourself a favor and save the time, I myself was their many times, writing complaints; what was I thinking! I even wonder if they read it at all.

    By the way, in average, what’s your real connection speed (download) for 1Mbps? it should be 128Kbps but as they capped the connection you might get 104KB (right?).

    Take it from me; don’t cancel your connection and refund your money from Wanadoo, unless you know that there is better alternative.

  16. David Says:


    As of today, my connection speed is back up to about 511 Kb/s. This is much improved over yesterday.

  17. Tareq Says:

    I have been a wanadoo customer and from my experiance with Wanadoo I can say the following :
    Wanadoo Sucks Big Time
    Wanadoo don’t give a sh*t about there customers maybe because the are part of JTC group.
    I am not saying that other ISPs in Jordan doesn’t suck too.
    from my long experiance I can say the all ISP I have dealt with in Jordan sucked bigtime.

  18. Janti Soubar Says:

    how is Internet Now Days?! in Jordan

    who do agree with me! that since these posts Users increased with same level of service since last post!

    i was searching for my name and found these article, will be happy to meet you Janti 2 :) ))


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