The new Google Analytics interface crashes Flash!

Google Analytics error

The new Google Analytics interface looks good but is totally unusable for me. On both Safari and Firefox on my PoweBook G4 Mac, any attempt to click on the date range pull down menu produces the error message above: “A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 9 to run slowly..”.

This is horrible. For the past month I’ve been hoping this get fixed. A friend of mine experienced the same thing on a Windows Vista machine (the laptop is a bit old by runs fine).

On July 18, the old interface of Google Analytics will no longer be available. What then?

Is anyone else out there experiencing this problem?

I will now email Google about this. Please do the same if you have the same problem.

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9 Responses to “The new Google Analytics interface crashes Flash!”

  1. Roba Says:

    Mhm, I never had this problem…

  2. dadan Says:

    happend with me, am using a PC with xp installed, on firefox

  3. Ahmed Says:

    It works fine with me. I’m using Firefox on a MacBook.

  4. Magnus Says:

    Works fine for me, MacBook C2D, 10.4.10, Flash Player 9, Firefox

  5. Avi Says:

    I am not having technical problems with the new interface, i just dont like it at all! I am going to switch over to somthing else. I hate the way they make changes then force it on you. The stats program on mybloglog is pretty good.

  6. Husni Says:

    I am using MacBook Pro and i never faced any problem like this!!

  7. ammar Says:

    on my XP note book, i am facing the same problem on their new interface. I searched the net and many people are facing the same problem as well

  8. Guy Says:

    I never had this problem but formated my pc and BOOM. Now im getting this error too.

    Thats weird :(

  9. Jose Luis Says:

    Now Analytics is not even working for 3 days! sad!

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