iPhone on display at iSystems in Amman?

Sorry.. another iPhone post. But I just got a comment on one of my post from the folks at iSystem (Amman’s semi “Apple Strore” in Suwiefieh), saying that the iPhone is on display there!

I will definitely head over there and have a look!

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  1. bakkouz Says:

    I thought you might find this interesting as well:

  2. Moey Says:


  3. Moey’s » I got an iPhone (With photos) Says:

    [...] I didn’t actually get one, but I had the chance to try it out at iSystems Sweifieh, thanks to Humaid’s post. I asked the workers and they told they’re not for sale, just for display until Apple releases a middle east version (GSM actually). [...]

  4. iPhone on display in Jordan - EmiratesMac Says:

    [...] iPhone on display in Jordan Yesterday Ahmad at 360East posted about an iPhone being in display in a store in Amman, Jordan, and today he has photos and first impressions. [...]

  5. bashar Says:

    i have checked it,it is great, everyone should have a look

  6. ahmad Says:

    pls i leave in amman can i pay some iphone from isystem
    or apple center

    if i can pls give me any ware can i pay it from

  7. Rami Malkawi Says:


    If you still intrested if the I Phones, you can read and blog about this cool kid who hacked it




  8. dode Says:

    can i please have the address of the shop or maybe telephone no’s thanks

  9. 3mmar Says:

    hey every one!
    is it T that the new iphone 3g arived to isystem and its for sale ?
    any 1 know or can help here?

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