Heart to heart US-Islamic dialogue on Ikbis.com

Over the past two days we’ve been witnessing an interesting dialogue between a American user of Ikbis (who is studying Islam and the Arabic language) and a varied bunch of Arab and Muslim Ikbis users.

I can only say: wow! The power of sharing!

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2 Responses to “Heart to heart US-Islamic dialogue on Ikbis.com”

  1. Nizar Says:

    I was about to blogg about it

    Seriously, I really enjoy this dialogue I and I’m thinking of doing a video response soon.

  2. Bilal - Black Jack Says:

    wow. very nice. call me sensitive or whatever u like, I seriously had teary eyes.

    I forwarded this to some of my American friends.

    I liked his mission: lets make ikbis a peace machine!

    very nice.

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