After a month of absence, here’s episode 2 of MixUp Arabia. This is a short one to test the new iTunes 4.9 podcasting feature. Have a listen to this episode and look out for the song ‘Sweet Lady’ by Whakken (Hi Akram!).

The link below downloads the episode (around 8 min/4 MB) in mp3 format. The best way to get a podcast is through subscribing to it through iTunes 4.9 (!!) or to its RSS feed through an iPodder application (the feed is

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Listen here in MP3

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9 responses to “MixUp Arabia Episode 2”

  1. Roba Avatar

    Oh yay! It is always a pleasure hearing Akram… I have some videos of him singing “Sweet Home Ramallah”….

  2. Mel Liles Avatar
    Mel Liles

    I enjoy your show and have recommended it to friends. I am a member of an American foreign policy discussion group called Great Decisions ( that meets during the winter. Next winter, we might like to try and videoconference as a group with people in the Mideast to share our discussions on Sunday nights. Our group is one of ordinary American citizens looking to bypass the politicians and talk people-to-people. We are located in Stockbridge, Georgia, USA. If you know anyone who might be interested in working with us on this, please get with me on email. Meanwhile, keep up the good work on your show.

  3. A Life On The Net Avatar
    A Life On The Net

    I have been looking forward to episode 2 for some time.

    Please can we have more speech from you. 9 minutes with a 6 minute song is OK but I was hoping to hear an Arab view on things.

    Good luck with the cast, you are in a good position to make a difference but we need to hear more from you

  4. Humeid Avatar

    I did episode 2 mainly to test iTunes 4.9 podcasting.. I intend to do a new episode soon that will be longer and more relevant.

  5. A Life On The Net Avatar
    A Life On The Net

    Looking forward to it, all the best.

  6. Ryan Singer Avatar
    Ryan Singer

    Hi Ahmad!
    I was listening to your Podcast. I love design and Architecture too. You can see my website you seem like a really cool guy.

    I want to congratulate you for doing this. it seems like fun. I just found your podcast and you mentioned on it this website. I will check it out. hope you are doing well

    Thank you and blessings,
    Ryan Singer

  7. Hani Muhtadi Avatar
    Hani Muhtadi

    Hi Ahmad,

    As an Arab living in Northern Ireland, I was very pleased to come accross your podcast. I look forward to hearing more of your episodes… Keep them coming!!

    Big thank you

  8. Sam Whitehouse Avatar
    Sam Whitehouse

    Hey There Ahmad,

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I’ve really enjoyed your podcast, and I look forward to hearing more.

    Thank You,

  9. sylvie Avatar

    Hi Ahmad

    I’d like to listen to the music you’ve put together but I’m technically challenged and I only seem to download you talking.

    Arab in Sydney, Australia