Over the past few days I was in email contact with Jeff Cavanaugh from the US based media firm Creative Armada. We had an interesting discussion as he was setting up an interview with a musician guest over a VoIP phone connection, for inclusion in his music podcast Armada Sound System. He found my blog as I had a post dealing with recording Skype calls for podcasts.

It turns out the interview is with the American Tabla muscian Jim Feist. In the interview Jim discusses the history of the Tabla, his different musical endeavors, and some songs from his recent projects. This is a rare treat and interesting look at a fascinating instrument and a very talented player.

The podcast itself is also of high quality. Check it out.

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One response to “Cross cultural: The wonders of Tabla and a recommended podcast”

  1. ram Avatar

    wow!! nice interview and what an incredible hidden talent.. why does noone know of this man and his music.. why am i just now finding out about it??????
    great find