The mic is on, the intro music cued up, the recording light is on. “Transmitters? We don’t need no stincking transmitters!”

I am all set up for MixUp Arabia, my first podcast and (probably) the first ‘real’ podcast (as far as I know) from the Arab world :) .

At the end of March, I discovered Podcasting after buying an iPod Shuffle. I started listening to podcasts like Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code, Dave Winer’s Morning Coffee Notes, Maccast, and Speechless (geat work Luke! and thanks for your audio advice). I virtually stopped listening to the Radio!

So, I hooked up my good microphone to my Mac, got myself an additional piece of audio hardware and all the software I need. Then tested, tweaked and tinkered until I was technically ready. Then it dawned upon me that I needed to give my podcast a theme!

So here it is. The test episode of MixUp Arabia. And as I always write about technology, design and media on this site, I decided to carry this onto my podcast. But a new medium needs a new brand, hence the ‘MixUp’.

The link below downloads the test episode (around 16 min) in mp3 format. But the best way to get a podcast, of course, is through subscribing to its feed through an iPodder application. Download one now and use it to subscribe to the RSS feed of which, starting today, will also carry the podcast.

In the test episode I babble a bit about myself and how I got into media and technology. I play some audio clips I’ve been using to test my podcasting setup (including the ability to record Skype calls) and I also play a song by Jordanian singer/songwiriter Yazan Rousan.

Ok. So for now, this is just a test. But give me feedback and ideas. I’d love to hear from anyone out there who can contribute intersting stuff related to the ‘MixUp’ we’re living in today in this part of the world (and the rest of the world of course).

You can email me links and files (preferably links) to ahmad.humeid(at)

Listen here in MP3

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6 responses to “Introducing MixUp Arabia: A podcast on media technology and culture from a confused Arab world.”

  1. Sabbagh Avatar

    cool :)
    Maybe I can help you with some music from some young local artists, just let me ask first and I’ll get back to you.

    I’m listening now to a new podcast called Israelisms and it’s really PISSING ME OFF!

  2. iyas Avatar

    I have been listening to podcasts on and off for a while now, primarily when I am anticipating a long day at work processing patient biopsies. I mostly listen to the Al Franken and the Jerry Springer shows as well the Slashdot Review. There is definite lack in podcasts from the Arab world, let alone podcasts in Arabic. I salute you for your pioneering effort. You podcast was enjoyable and fairly good for a test. I am sure that it will take shape and form over time.

    Thanks for introducing me to Yazan’s music. It is certainly a different taste of Arabic music; the lyrics could be improved much though. If you are looking for some non-main stream Arabic music I have a few suggestions:

    1. Rum Group (Tareq Al Naser): if we want to promote Jordanian artists.
    2. Hanine (y son Cubano): an intersting fusion between Arabic and Cuban music. Try “ya zahratan fi khayali”. Amazing!
    3. Salma: music by Ziad Rahbani. Nice voice. Fresh and funny. Some in Arabic and French.
    4. Jose Fernandez (with Wadie Al Safi): Many of Wadie’s classic in Spanish as well as duets in Arabic and Spanish with Wadie.

    Finally, I have a few mp3s of vocals by a Macadi Nahhas. Beautiful voice from Jordan singing some verses of Fairuz or traditional Jordanian and Iraqi song without accompaniment. Oh and Kilna Sawa although I really didn’t think they do a good job rearranging traditional songs.

    I have most of these songs in good quality mp3 or aac with the exception of Jose Fernandez which I have in decent quality real audio. They have been ripped off CDs or “collected” from various sources over time. If you are interested but can’t find samples easily, drop me a line, jameed[at]

    Best of luck!

  3. Roba Avatar

    This was my very first podcast experience, and I must say, quite interesting. It was really interesting to hear how you started out and about your interests in the visual culture, design, and technology., especially since I can relate..
    As for the music you played, I especially loved the “advertisement” you found on the Saudi Embassy’s website, it was a very fascinating and unexpected addition to the podcast(oxymoron, I don’t really know what usually goes into podcasts because I don’t listen to them, radios, or TV. Do they usually add such bits?).

    As for Yazan Rousan, I don’t have much experience with his music except for a certain song called ‘Karate” he played in last year’s Amman Goes Jazz concert, the song lacked any good music to speak of, had empty lyrics, and he didn’t do a great job at the whole mixing between rap and Arabic music. I must say that this ones much better though, I really enjoyed the beat, very authentic, and the solo was quite amusing. Thanks for sharing!
    You got yourself a listener…

  4. shii Avatar

    Unfortunately I have no way to advertise your podcast in the Western blogosphere (who reads my own blog? eh), but I much enjoyed it. Thank you!

  5. Tristan Avatar


    Just listening to your podcast and enjoying it. If I ran my own blog I would give you a shoutout, maybe once I start one later this year :) . Blogon.

  6. Alana Avatar

    hey wts that old song Hanine y son cubano sings. its kinda slow. at first it goes “amaammammama” witthout any music beats and then the guy goes something like “sheowaaaaaa-selaliyaeaaaa- ….. the rythm stays at every end “laaeaaaaaaa” PLEASE TELL ME IF ANYONE KNOWS THIS SONG!! ITS BEEN 5 YRS IVE BEEN LOOKING 4 IT AND WANT IT SO BADLY!