Someone has gotten creative! Toot now officially has some competition: iBaloo6 :)

We at the Toot Corporation are taking this matter very seriously. Considering we have two lawyers on our founders team (George and Karim), we’re considering to take legal action against the squirrels who are trying to imitate us, despite their cute and innocent looks!

Other than similarities in logo design and colors, iBaloot management is using similar advertising slogans for their ‘service’. Toot has recently registered the following service mark: “Wasta is Good”. iBaloot’s management is claiming that they use the same selection process, namely Wasta (Personal Connections!) to include blogs on their service.

This infringes on Toot’s intellectual property as well as several Wasta related patents.

We will sue them for


And remember, squirrels (like Skype) are a threat to our national security..

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7 responses to “Toot has competition: introducing iBaloo6”

  1. Moey Avatar

    well, there isnt a domain to sue, nor a blogger or a person.. nor the artwork lol

  2. Moey Avatar

    and also the acorn or berry illustration we used isn’t copyrighted to you, it’s fruit.. so whatever!

  3. Abed. Hamdan Avatar
    Abed. Hamdan


  4. Qwaider قويدر Avatar
    Qwaider قويدر

    Remember how many times I told you your iToot feels like it’s going by Wasta!

  5. Humeid Avatar

    No Qwaider.. I can’t remember.

  6. Amino Avatar

    That would be quite hilarious, for Karim and George to go the judge with a iToot Vs iBaloo6 case, manzar 5onfoshari. Muhahahaa…

    Wallah il judge would kick us all out.. :P

  7. mala2e6 Avatar

    و شخط فيي الاستاز عبد السميع

    هوة ما شختشي اوي يعني

    we are cute squirells looking for a shade ..ur toot tree didn’t supply us with shade so we had to have our own tree..7aram ya3ni?

    lawyers w ma7akem? wa3333

    mesh 3arfeh albes faushia 3al ma7kmeh wella ma beseer..;)