Facebook has obviously become a part of Jordanian’s daily lives. I haven’t blogged about the Jordanian Facebook phenomena yet but I can tell you that the age range of people I know on Facebook range between 12 and 60.

Anyway, I recently got a comment on 360east from reader Ahmad Al-Sholi, who wants people to visit a newly set up group on Facebook that discusses Amman’s urban development. I am publishing his comment here:

We started a discussion topic for Jordanians over facebook to support The Amman Municipality progressive plan to develop the city. The group mainly focuses on recognition of good efforts to have standards, coding systems, master plan… in addition to communicating deficiencies that people see in running the city services.
Once a reasonable number contributes, we will communicate points to authorities implementing that facebook group idea “simple democracy”.

You can access this Facebook group at www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4192127705

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4 responses to “Jordanian Facebook group to discuss Amman’s urban development”

  1. Khaled Avatar

    It’s good to see Jordanians caring about us youth and less about shawerma.

  2. Sid Vicious Avatar
    Sid Vicious

    dude, Facebook has the potential to change how we interact with the internet, I read this article on msnbc.com earlier and trust me, this Zuckerberg dude knows what he’s doing. See for yourself, click my name.

  3. Emad Avatar

    I checked the facebook group and it says:

    Simple democracy BY THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE ……………Join Us….and Make a differnce….

    Where is the urban development?

    Another group that discuss the Urban development is:

    We All LOVE AMMAN – عمّان في القلب

    The mission is: We all love Amman city, It’s Urban Environment and the Neighborhood we inhabit.

    Facebook allowed us to reach the Jordanian users, but whats in Facebook is not being indexed by searched engines, so we wanted to create Amman voice blog From the group.

    Also, the same group started the first meetup group in Amman. Amman entrepreneur group @ http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/1369

    The strategy was to build a Facebook group to get the Jordanian youth interests and direct them to the blog, then make it happen by starting a meetup group. There is now about 1,200 visitors to the blog in it’s first month, and 15 members in the first meetup.

    We need your support, join and let me hear your feedback

  4. Ahmad Al-Sholi Avatar
    Ahmad Al-Sholi

    Dear Ahmad,
    Many thanks for taking time into this, your support counts a lot to the idea.
    However, and as shown by Emad’s comment, the urban development was not clear under the facebook group “simple democracy”.
    We were discussing various issues at the group level concerning social elevation of Jordan’s society, more into civil act of the people. Forming a support group, a pressure group, by the means of discussion and contributing. The idea of the Amman Master Plan was just one idea under the discussion topics listed within the group. We had other new entries such as “The New Landlords Legislation” and “What is real Democracy”. We at the group are planning to meet soon to discuss forming the group officially, describing goals, tributes, and guidelines.
    Least could be said is the importance of forming the grass roots of democracy: sharing ideas, building support, and having the influence to force it legally and in the civilized manners of democracy.