Aziz Maraka

He’s one of the most promising Jordanian singers/songwriters in my opinion. Read Aziz Maraka’s recent interview on

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5 responses to “ interviews the Razz master: Aziz Maraka”

  1. Ahmad Avatar

    my personal opinion:

    very melodic, nice passionate singing, vocals: nos nos but serves the purpose (Jagger and Dylan’s voices are nos nos too and look at them!!), the lyrics are ok (the folk subjects are nice)..
    reminds me of some European artists, not too commercial

    keep it up

  2. Moey Avatar

    Thanks for the support Ahmad, Aziz artwork+design is getting revamped and Razz will be touring jordan soon ;) I’ll make sure to give you exclusives first!

  3. Ahmad Avatar

    cool.. please do
    actualy, now i like the music even more; i’ve been listning to it more and more.. and spreading the word among my firends too.. cuz Aziz is surly talented

  4. ahmad sahli Avatar
    ahmad sahli

    hey ahmad this is ahmad sahli (shmeisani skateboarding) im not sure if u remember me, but anyways u suggested me creating a blog so here it is
    thanks, and sorry i couldnt figure out your email so i had to do this in a comment

  5. Ahmad Avatar

    can anyone help out with la7ali chords?
    i got the C.. G.. Am.. Fm part but can find out the rest