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  • Amman’s new brand starts making an appearance

    Earlier this year, SYNTAX delivered the brand guidelines of the new Amman Brand to the Greater Municipality of Amman, which was the final delivery of a project that kept us totally immersed in Amman, its history, its people and its character for well over year. It was an intensive process of discovery, research, conceptualization, writing, […]

  • SYNTAX seeking Business development wizard in the UAE

    SYNTAX is shifting gears. If you are a business development wizard, but also a passionate believer that design can save the world, then you might want to check out this announcement on the SYNTAX blog.

  • SYNTAX scraps its website, replacing it with one lousy web page

    At SYNTAX, we’re the kind of people who’d make fun of companies and government departments who don’t update their websites. If you hire us, we’d lecture you for hours about the importance of “staffing your website” with people who can communicate on the web and keep your website fresh and updated. We’d also point out […]

  • A video from 2004.. I can’t believe half a decade passed!

    While doing some searching on the web, I chanced upon a very low budget (no budget!) video that I created for the Immedia 2004 conference. This is something I even blogged about in the early days of 360east. I watched the video with amusement. A number of familiar faces are featured. It also features a […]

  • Sunny’s 105.1 feel-good guide: truly diverse, truly refreshing take on Jordan

    Yesterday I had one of those “feel good” moments about Jordan. You know, one of those instances (maybe rather rare instances) where you feel that Jordan is at its best. Where our mosaic or collage or whatever you want to call it just comes together. No I am not talking about some grand government scheme […]

  • Amman is looking for its stories. Now YOU can write them..

    I am very excited, as just a few minutes ago, the pre-launch page for the Amman Centennial website has gone live. This is not a ‘coming soon’ page, but an open invitation to all Ammanis (and expatriate Ammanis, of course) to share their stories of THEIR Amman. The last 100 years of Amman’s history, since […]

  • 360east 24HRS Abu Dhabi

  • On “Creativeness/Creativmess”

    “Creativeness”. I didn’t even expect this word exists in the dictionary. But it does. I thought it was a mis-derivation invented by one of my SYNTAX colleagues. BTW: “mis-derivation” does not exist in the dictionary. I am too tired to blog. But Roba Assi is not. She documented the “creativemess” on display in our office […]

  • Amman Centennial Forum: Youth and Mayor Omar Maani talk about the city

    On Saturday 21 February 2009, from 5 to 8 pm, Amman’s youth are invited to attend an open Amman Centennial Forum with the Mayor of Amman Omar Maani, to discuss Amman’s vision, at Al Al Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Al Ein. Check out the event’s Facebook page. This forum is being held by the […]

  • Work as a Project Coordinator or Financial Controller at SYNTAX

    Good morning.. Are you a recent ad agency refugee? Or maybe you’re a project manager who’s looking for more interesting stuff to manage.. Maybe you’re a finance person who want to make a move from a grey financial department to a more colorful environment.. We’re looking for you: Financial Controllers and Project Coordinators. Covering letters […]

  • Huge Aqaba logo brands new hot air balloon

    What a nice surprise in this morning’s Jordan Times. A front page article about the new activities of the Royal Aero Sports Club had a picture of a new hot air balloon, branded by the Aqaba logo, complete with the icon strip and, as can be noticed at the edge of the balloon, the tagline: […]

  • Branding Amman: Have your say about Amman’s new logo

    [Click image to enlarge] Amman is getting a new logo in 2009. And all citizens are invited to take part in choosing their favorite design. The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) is publishing the above advert in today’s newspapers, inviting everyone to head down to Al Hussein Cultural Center to have a look at an exhibition […]